bmg architects


BMG Architects is a small boutique design company located in the cosmopolitan Melbourne suburb of Carlton. The practice was established over 7 years ago in Carlton and was formally known as Bagnato Marian Guarino Architects. Frank Guarino became the sole director of the company in 2009. The office specializes in multi residential dwellings and bespoke executive residences.

Frank Guarino has extensive experience in interior design and each building is first visualized from an interior perspective. The exterior architecture is therefore an external expression of the internal architecture.

Various other types of project include offices, childcare centres and play centres. Whether designing an apartment building or custom designed home, the expertise of BMG Architects lies in the town planning process. The negotiation skills of Frank Guarino coupled with highly professional consultants ensures that our clients always achieve the best results from the planning process.

Design Philosophy

The architecture of BMG Architects is unashamedly modern and contemporary. The aim of the practice is to not only excel on the client brief but also to design buildings which contribute positively to the urban context. Every building is designed with environmentally sustainable principles in mind to ensure long term sustainability of the project. We aim to give our clients buildings which are unique but also cost effective. Everyday building materials are used in new and different ways to ensure that our individual creations set a benchmark for others to follow.